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How to select stainless steel kitchen knives

How do you choose stainless steel kitchen knives? Stainless steel kitchen knives are generally available for household kitchen knives, cutting vegetables and cutting meat are more suitable. When selecting a knife, you should see whether the blade is straight or straight, and the knife with straight edges is easy to grind and cut. An open cutting kitchen knife can be used to file and sharpen the edge. If it feels slippery, it means that the kitchen knife has steel and hardness. You can also use iron cutting edge to test hardness, such as iron cutting hard injury, indicating that steel has hardness. Be careful not to test the hardness of two kitchen knife blades against the blade.

1. Choose the two sides of the cutting tool: smooth and smooth, no dents.

2, the thickness of the selected blade is called: the steel is moderate, the blade is straight and not distorted, a straight line of black line is not seen.

3, knives, knives, knives and grinding leveling, "no black", no burrs.

4, the handle is straight and firm, and the knife hoop is not loose.

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