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Teach you how to choose a satisfactory kitchen knife

The Chinese have always had a famous saying that people eat food as their bread and iron as rice. In China's food culture, eating is very important and very well explained. China's four famous cuisines, famous snacks, specialties, private dishes and so on all over the country, are the favorites of the gourmet lovers.

In life, it is impossible to eat three meals a day and eat outside. Sure, you have to cook some exquisite dishes yourself. When it comes to cooking, the kitchen knife must not be used, and there is no way to do it well without a good hand, especially the chef's friends. No knife is equal to the sword of the swordsman and the knives without a knife.

I believe a lot of friends when they have been cooking more than a knife is too blunt to cut a meat like the same as a saw, cut a vegetable hand more acid, an careless easy to be cut to the hand, that depressed. A friend with his own cooking is sure to feel the same. So it's very important to choose a sharp, durable kitchen kitchen knife for your kitchen, whether it's your own, your husband or your wife, or even your mom and Dad, to pick them up with a sharp kitchen knife.

With so much talk, how to choose the right kitchen knife with a strong and durable kitchen?

First of all, we need to understand our needs first.

Cutting knife: mainly used for slicing, shredding, cutting fruits and vegetables, that is, the most commonly used knife.

Chopping knife: mainly used to cut chicken, duck, fish, ribs and some other bone food, maybe many friends have to say, now buy bones are in the outside when they have been cut off, no matter chop or not cut. It's always in the house.

A bone chopper is very important. It is certainly not as good as cutting itself. One's own talent is the hard truth.

Cut cutting dual-purpose knife, the knife is usually between cutting knife and chopping knife, can cut vegetables, but the slice is not so good to use, can cut some small bone food, suitable is not often the kitchen friend, if often cook, it is suggested that cutting knife and chopper knife are used separately.

Slaughtering knives and bone knives are usually less expensive for household and higher requirements for knives.

According to their own needs, the choice is to cut vegetables, cut bone knives, or cut dual-use knives, so as to know to pick kitchen knives.

The three most important points for selecting a kitchen knife are:

1, look at the steel, in fact, to see the selected steel is good, listen to the sound to know, with the finger knocking or with the back of the knife, good steel sound embellish persistent ear good listening, poor steel sound and knock the same stone.  In ancient times, there was a voice and a sword, and a good knife must be on the top of the steel. In this way, we can say that we can basically eliminate 50%.

2, look at the blade, see the knife edge of the kitchen knife is smooth and smooth, the blade is thin and the blade is slightly thicker than the knife edge without fork and burr.

3, look at the use of not smooth, pick up the knife in the hand to weigh up and down, good kitchen knife with a solid knife with the knife head no obvious difference in weight, no knife tip with light or knife and heavy knife head light that the feeling of unequal force. A good kitchen knife must be handy and not slippery, and it will feel lighter and lighter.

According to the above 3 ways to choose kitchen kitchen knives, I believe we can pick a satisfied and useful kitchen knife.

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