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[kitchen skills] make it easy for you to navigate the kitchen knife!

1. ingenious and sticky food

Cut a few pieces of radish first with a knife, and then cut the sticky food. Radish juice can prevent sticking on the knife and cut it out very well.

2. cleverly cut fat

When fat is cut, a lot of fat will dissolve. It will not be easy to be fixed on the board. When the knife is cut, it will skate the knife and cut the hand. Secondly, it is difficult to grasp the size of the meat. First, the fat should be dipped in cold water, then cut down and sprinkled with cold water, so that it will save effort and the meat will not slide.

3. cleverly cut fish

The fish is very thin, short in fiber and easily broken. Therefore, the fish skin should be cut downward and the knife edge should be tilted. The direction of the lower knives is best followed by the fishbone. That is, following the direction of the fish bone, the knife is inserted from the back of the fish head, and the fish is cut in the direction of the fish. In addition, the fish should be neat when cooked, so that the shape will be complete after frying.

4. skillful mutton

There are a lot of mucous membranes in mutton, fried meat rotten and hard film, bad taste. So the mucous membrane should be removed before cutting the mutton.

5. cleverly cut beef

There are many beef tendons. In order not to keep the tendons intact in the meat, it is best to cross cut.

6. skillful pork cut

Pork is more tender than beef, but it is older than fish. The skew pork chicken has a 45 degree angle between the edge of the knife and the meat, which is oblique to the texture of the meat. This cut is neither loose nor assured of meat taste.

7. cleverly cut pig liver

Pork liver should be cut and fry now, because after cutting it for a long time, it will not only cause nutrient loss, but also many particles will coagulate on liver slices after frying. After fresh liver slices, mix quickly with seasoning and water starch.

8. cleverly cut

The waist flower, squid and so on, needs to cut into the diamond shaped flower, put the waist flower flat on the board, the knife and the plate on the flat line, with the palm flat on the waist flower, the knife mouth from outside to the inside and back forward flat, the waist flower one knife two half, the cut two half and then flat cut, then cut into the diamond shaped flower, finally cut into one centimeter half of the long strip shape.  And it's finally formed.

9. cleverly cut the cake

The birthday cake is easy to stick to the knife, so it is better to dip the knife in the warm water before cutting, so that the hot knife will melt some fat to lubricate the cake and prevent the cake sticky knife. In addition, using butter to wipe the knife edge can also play the same effect.


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